Fun and different Cakes

This selection of cakes are just a little bit different, a bit of fun and shows that you can really make cake into something for everyone! I’ve included some of my favourites, cakes in the shape of food and handbags and shoes.

some of my favourites

These cakes don’t really fit into any categories, but they were some of my favourites to make. I love doing things a little differently, and making something that is personal.

handbags and shoes

Do you have a favourite designer? A love of handbags? Then these too can be made into cake to celebrate the next big occasion. From Jimmy Choo, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana to something fun like the brightly coloured Doctors Case.

food and drink

Yummy! Favourite food and drink turned into cake for your celebration. From wine bottles through to deep-dish pies, wheetabix to noodles, these are fun cakes to make.

something different

I’ve been asked to make some interesting cakes over the years. Here is a small selection of some of those that are a little different. Including a Blob Fish (rated one of the ugliest fish ever, at least it tasted yummy out of cake), all you need is love and more…