Christening Cakes

Celebrating a Christening or Naming Day with family and friends is a beautiful way to introduce your little one to everyone. I’ve made many cakes over the years for this amazing celebration, for my own children, now my grandchildren, for friends, family and customers.

Whether it is for a boy, girl or both, twins, triplets, older children, even adults – I would love to create this special cake for you.

bears, elephants, trains and booties

These are some of the more traditional designs for Christening and Naming Day Cakes, incorporating cute bears, trains and most recently elephants. There are lots of different variations, and the block letters for names is a great way to enhance the design. Pastel colours are the most common, but brights work just as well!

something different

If you want to come away from the traditional, there are lots of other ideas that would make great celebration Cakes. Noah’s Ark is one of my favourites! I’ve added few baby shower designs in to the mix here too.


A great way to make up portions and celebrate, a few ideas for baby themed cupcakes.